Mr. Leinonen
Chairman of the Board

I visited Riga and Latvia for the first time in the end of year 1992. The town was then very different from what it is today. There were no illuminated advertisement signs and hardly any street lights either. The country used a temporary own currency and the Lat did not yet exist at that point in time. The country lacked oil for heating and the only heated block was the one where the Latvia hotel intended for foreigners was located.
The people where hopeful and interested in doing business. We got a lot of business proposals and cooperation invitations. However, what remained hard to understand was our line of business. The people wondered and asked: “Ok, you do bookkeeping, but so does everyone, so what is your actual business?” I did not end up establishing a business in Latvia during that trip.

The Riga Office was established in 1995 when our customer in Estonia, Neste Oil wanted us to do accounting for their service stations also in Latvia. I hesitated, but Neste promised their full support and taking into account that our cooperation in Estonia had worked so well, I decided to open an office in Riga. Our first Country Manager was Seppo Hämäläinen, who lead the company during our first colorful years.

Now, SIA Leinonen is the country’s largest accounting company with over 30 professionals serving about 200 clients.

I am grateful for my fantastic employees that has made this possible. I must thank my lucky star for giving me such trustworthy and competent employees as Velta Saitere and Baiba Bruksteine, who has been in my service for almost 20 years now. Also, I want to thank our clients for good cooperation all these years.

It is time to celebrate this achievement now, but then we will continue working hard on developing our services even further.


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Serving an increasing number of international clients in Latvia

Since opening in 1995 we have successfully guided many foreign entities through the ups and downs of the business environment in Latvia. Professionally operating in accounting, tax planning, payroll management and business advisory. Leinonen Latvia will give you the services of an international accounting firm while maintaining the personal touch of a reliable friend. We are there when you need us and we offer you the full support you should expect from a partner.

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Leinonen Latvia has achieved ISO 9001:2015 
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