High-quality accounting and a wide range of financial services in Latvia

Leinonen  provides services that help businesses make more effective business. We are  accounting  professionals, who are responsible for all issues related to the industry and customer needs, as well as offer unique opportunities for outsourcing. Leinonen also takes care of business  payroll service , as well as providing  consulting services  related to accounting and international business. Require audits and a variety of  administrative  services are in addition to a natural part of our range of services.  Leinonen Latvia  serving mainly international companies, but also local businesses. Our office in Riga, belongs to the international financial expert group  Leinonen Group .  


Customer-oriented service

Our service is customer oriented. This means that we take into account the specific needs and tailor a service package always case by case basis to meet customer requirements. Our clients receive professional and personalized service for all accounting issues. Our strength is our well-trained and experienced staff, the aim of which is to ensure effective customer relations.

By outsourcing you focus on your core business

Business is very commonly's decision regardless of the industry is to outsource accounting and all related administrative work for a reliable partner. A large proportion of international companies outsourcing is a natural part of the effective and efficient business.

Accounting outsourcing of services is not only a popular cost-effectiveness. It will also enable inter alia, predictability, and seeks to ensure uniform financial management and reporting quality. Competent and reliable accountant is a valuable competitive advantage to the company, who wants to safely manage the business. 

Making cooperation with us to minimize the possibility of errors. We know the industry, local legislation and the specific characteristics of the operating environment, so the cooperation with us will save your company time, money and energy.

Accounting outsourcing benefits include:
  • Continuous carrying 365 days a year
  • No sick leave, holidays and family leave
  • High-quality service at affordable prices
  • Updated understanding of the local bureaucracy and the kind of business
  • Current information available on request
  • Reports and financial statements on time
  • The opportunity to develop business in other areas

Accountants and experts at your service

Business expansion into new markets with the challenges are often related to cultural and managerial differences in the target countries. Although the European Union regulations make the business environment more stable service areas are accounting standards, laws and standards, as well as the best administrative practices, after all, a very varied.

Leinonen's offices are adapted to the local conditions and the business sector is dominated by the special features. Different business cultures, the accounting standards, as well as knowledge of local legislation, help us to serve our customers in a consistent and high quality.

Explore the Leinonen Group's entire international  service area in the powder.


Korkealaatuista kirjanpitoa ja palkanlaskentaa

Auttamaan kansainvälisiä asiakkaitamme.

Leinonen Latvia perustettiin 1995 ja olemme siitä lähtien auttaneet asiakkaitamme toimimaan Latviassa. Leinonen Latvia tarjoaa ammattitaitoista kirjanpitoa, palkanlskentaa sekä vero- ja lakineuvontaa. Vaikka olemmekin jo Latvian suurin ulkoistettuja kirjanpitopalveluita tarjoava yritys olemme silti riittävän ketterä toimimaan asiakkaidemme tarpeiden mukaisesti.

Ota yhteyttä tai lue lisää yhtiöstämme.

Olemme ISO 9001 sertifioitu

Leinonen Latvialla on ISO 9001:2009 
-sertifiointi Bureau Veritakselta. Sertifikaatti takaa korkeat standardimme kirjanpidossa ja asiakaspalvelussamme. Lue lisää 

ISO 9001:2009 cerificate PDF


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